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H & K Farm and Pet LLC raises AKC Labradors and AKC Maltese.  We are a small breeder and our dogs are our companions.  Temperament is important and our dogs could be used for some services such as PTSD, visiting assisted living homes or just your family pet.  The Labradors are amazingly smart, easy to train and loving family members.  The Maltese is a nice lap dog and doesn't shed, and great for those with allergies!  Snuggles on the couch and would sit with you all night.  Great for someone wanting company and a travel companion.

Our Mission

To provide quality dogs with good temperaments for service, support and family pets.

Our Story

Story Part 1

This was one of 6 puppies born to our Dam Harley, and another breeders Stud, Gunner.  All of the puppies are yellow, close to white in color.

Story Part 2

This Maltese puppy is the cutest!  Very loving, calm dogs.  The Maltese breed does not shed and is a chosen breed for those with allergies.

Story Part 3

This is our Stud "Sparty"!  He is the first Maltese dog I've owned and fell in love with the breed because of him.  He is so laid back and loving.  It was really hard to find a pure Maltese puppy that was close to home for a good price.  Because of the difficulty in finding these dogs, and the fact I think they're near perfect, I felt I could help others by breeding them.

Story Part 4

Gunner is a local stud dog we used for one of Harley's litters.  They produced 6 beautiful healthy puppies.  All yellow to white in color.

Please call us to learn more

1 (810) 908-2463

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